Active Visitation provides professional supervised monitored visits between a child or children and their non-custodial parent. The visits are done in a loving environment to decrease stressful interactions during a family’s difficult time. Visits take place at an off-site location agreed on by the Monitor and the non-custodial adult. Active Visitation prides itself on being reliable, nonjudgmental, and a neutral third party for families of all backgrounds.

The Monitor is responsible for observing and promoting the safety of those involved at each visit. The Monitor is in compliance with Family Code 3200-3200.5 and California Rules of Court Standard 5.20.

Active Visitation serves San Diego County.

Purposes of Monitored Visits:

  • Provide a safe environment for the children and adults involved
  • Ensure and maintain a trusting relationship between child and parent
  • Both parents can be with their children without feeling intimidated or anxious